About Us

According to our experiences;
With over 300.000 drug preparation,
Our knowledge about all the systems in the world,
Our knowledge about hospital requirements and patient needs,
Our knowledge about general conditions of health in Turkey and in the other countries as well…

Oncosem was established in 2011. It has been sucessfully specializing on chemotherapy drug preparation systems, and leading new medical technologies with experiences on medical field coming from past. Oncosem has started R&D; projects on chemotherapy drug preparation systems by integrating knowledge about oncology and it’s old experiences on chemotherapy treatment.

Domestically produced and designed entirely closed System fully automatic Chemotherapy drug preparation system,

As a domestic production Fully Automated Chemotherapy Drug Preparation System which is entirely designed as a closed system was developed as a result of 33 months of work, produced in our country, and provided to hospitals in Turkey.

The authenticity of the developed product has been certified with Industrial Design Registration Certificates from Turkish Patent Institue. The product has entered in 148 countries with ‘Synchronized Triple Verification System- STV Technology patent protection which is the first in the World.

Our technology has been nominated as a candidate for cancer awards of the Ministry of Health cancer control department in 2014, and were entitled to rank among the first 3 companies in the final.

The system has been created to provide an efficient treatment for patients and worker safety by bringing a new gold standard with the developed technology for the preparation of toxic chemotherapy drugs that can be applied all over the World.

The importance of the quality management approach of our company; ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, has been approved by taking CE certification and domestic goods certificate.

We would like to perform the best of our works with our expert R&D;, technical service team and marketing team which has powerfully capacity on service. We will continue to provide and produce new solutions by combining our all experiences we have gained with our systems