Oncocare Monolitik

Fully-Automated Chemotherapy Drug Compounding Systems
  • Oncocare Monolitik is a system with multiple modules on which drug are prepared quickly and simultaneously in Class 2B2 standarts.
  • Correct doses are achieved with high sensitivity volumetric filling and gravimetric validation.
  • Prior to drug preparation, bags can be filled with dilutive solutions with prefilling system.
  • Each modules has its own control screen to monitor and control drug preparation process.
  • Recording and monitoring of prepared drugs can be done with chemotherapy-specific clinical software.
  • Seperator glasses used between modules in order to prevent cross-contamination.
  • User are protected from toxic environment with air circulation and fully automated waste system which is controlled with hand sensors.
  • Possible user mistakes of drugs and supplies are prevented with QR code system.