OncoCare Smart chemotherapy drug preparation system is a fully automatic drug preparation system in Class2B2 standards.


Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Systems

01. System with Multiple Modules

OncoCare Smart is capable of completing the preparation processes with multiple modules quickly, efficiently and simultaneously.

02. Right dose of Medicine

It prepares the right dose of medicine with high precision Volumetric filling and Gravemetric verification.

03. Safe Preparations

OncoCare Smart closed system devices and software provide safe preparations with the right drug-right patient-right dose principle, while saving drugs thanks to central preparation.

04. Drug Tracking

Medicines prepared with drug tracking on the basis of data matrix can be checked retrospectively, with this feature, patient treatment activities are recorded and secured.

OncoCare Smart Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Systems

05. Incremental Drug Tracking

With the Incremental Drug Tracking, the increased drugs at the end of the preparation are recorded, and the waste of drugs is prevented by ensuring increased drug use in the ongoing preparations.

06. Automatic Pre-Filling

Before drug preparation, optionally, it fills the EVA bag from a standard IV bag/bottle with automatic pre-filling.

07. Monitor & Control

Each module has touch screens to monitor and control the drug preparation process.

08. waste System

It provides full protection with its fully automatic waste system that works through sensors without touching.

09. QR Code System

It ensures that the right drug is given to the right patient at the right time with the barcode reader system.

OncoCare Smart Highlights

OncoCare Smart

Fully-Automated Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Systems