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As Oncosem Oncology Systems, we produce innovative automation systems, smart software and closed system consumables in the field of oncology, taking the safety of patients and healthcare workers as a principle. We offer our products and services to you in many Oncology Centers in Turkey in order to minimize the risks of drug preparation and administration errors in chemotherapy treatments and to increase the quality of service. We grow as we produce, and as we grow, we touch more lives.

Annual production of 8 million domestic test diagnostic kits

Our Technology

Our technology has been nominated as a candidate for cancer awards of the Ministry of Health cancer control department in 2014.

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Mutlukent Mah.
1988 Cad. No: 12
Cankaya 06800
Ankara / Türkiye

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“With our mission, which is based on human health and safety, we increase our productivity every day. Thanks to our passion for working and producing. We reduce our country’s dependence on foreign sources in the field of chemotherapy, and we take our company’s success in the market one step further. We want to reach all over the world and touch lives, not only in our country. Because of this, as the Oncosem family, we work with all our strength, we grow as we produce.”

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We have achieved significant success in all areas in which we operate. We determined our path by focusing on growth, value creation, sustainability and what we can add to our country.

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