Fully Automated Chemotherapy
Drug Preparation Device
MC4 / MC2


Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Device
MC4 / MC2

Do not compromise your time and health!

OncoCare Monolitik is a multi-module system in which chemotherapeutic agents are prepared quickly and simultaneously with high accuracy in a Class 2B2 cabinet.

Multi Module

OncoCare Monolitik, is a fully automated Class 2B2 drug preparation system that can handle preparation processes quickly, efficiently and simultaneously with more than one module.

Volumetric Filling and Gravimetric Verification

With high-precision volumetric filling (0.1 ml) and gravimetric verification (0.1 g), it prepares the correct drug dose.

Automatic Pre-filling System

Prior to drug preparation, it fills the EVA bag from the standard IV bag or bottle, with optional automatic prefill.


10-inch touch screens are available in each module to monitor and control the drug preparation process.

Special Clinical Software

It allows recording, tracking and retrospective monitoring of treatments prepared with chemotherapy specific clinical software. All drug data (such as storage time, density) are loaded or can be loaded in the software. Patient registration and tracking, drug and consumable tracking, retrospective with a user friendly interface. It allows you to take control of all processes with LOG recording, instant filling monitoring during drug preparation, remote control and approval facility and database backup.

Separator Glasses

There are separating glasses between modules to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Barcode Scanner

With barcode and visual matching technology, it guarantees that the right medication is administered to the right patient at the right time.

Fully Automatic Waste System

It offers full protection with a fully automatic waste system specific to each station that works through sensors without touching. The touch screen control panel is designed for easy operation of the waste management system. For total safety, the waste bin is automatically pushed and closed and has a two-stage safety barrier. There is an audible warning system to check the level of the waste garbage can.

Oncocare Monolitik Specifications

# of StationsMC4 – 4 stations / MC2 – 2 stations
Gravimetric Verification0.1 gr
Volumetric Filling0.1 ml
Syringe3 – 10 – 20 – 50 ml
Bags250 – 500 – 1000 ml EVA/Infusion/ Bag
Outer ChassisSoft ABS Plastic
Minimum Dose2 ml
Filtration4 HEPA Class H14 (including inlet & outlet)
WeightMC4-474,5 kg
Size (W*D*H) MC21200x1837x2350
Size (W*D*H) MC41200x2400x2350
Size (W*D*H) MC2/MC4
including recommended clearence
5 meter * 3 meter
PowerMC2 2.5 KW
MC4 3.5 KW
NetworkingRJ45 Ethernet
Waste SystemFully automatic waste system specific to each station
Control Panels10-inch touch screens
Barcode Scanning &LabelingArdox
SoftwareRemote access web-based software