About Us

Oncosem Oncological Systems provides services for the preparation and administration of chemotherapy drugs, which play an important role in cancer treatment. The company specializes in the production of consumables, medical devices, diagnostic products and protective equipment.

Oncosem was founded in Ankara in 2008 and is now the industry leader in Turkey in the manufacture of fully automatic chemotherapy drug preparation systems. In the field of oncology, it provides comprehensive solutions for all intravenous drug preparation processes in compliance with national and international regulations and standards. With a production of 350,000 chemotherapy sets per month and 4 million per year, it is the only company that can meet all requirements in this field, including equipment, consumables and software.

Oncosem responded quickly to the COVID -19 pandemic by manufacturing antibody and antigen rapid tests and exporting them to over 20 countries. The company has demonstrated leadership and pioneering work in the healthcare sector during the pandemic.  

Oncosem Oncological Systems is now represented in the UK, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sarajevo and Uzbekistan through Oncosem UK, Oncosem Germany and Oncosem Ukraine, and is conducting studies as part of the countries’ national oncology restructuring programs.

With the systems established in the oncology centers of private and public healthcare institutions abroad and in Turkey, we protect both the medical staff and the patients who receive the right treatment. Oncosem is a leader in this field because it makes a difference thanks to its priorities.

Health, the priority.
You, the priority.


Our History


Our Founder Erol Çelik's entry into the health sector

Nov 09, 2017


Signing of the distributorship agreement for the hospital infections products of Dupont company

Nov 09, 2017


Santek foundation

Nov 09, 2017


- Oncosem foundation
- Starting production in the field of medical textiles
- Import of the first Robotic Chemotherapy Drug Preparation systems to Turkiye

Nov 09, 2017


Start of R&D studies for Chemotherapy Drug Preparation systems

Nov 09, 2017


Production of the First Prototype of Fully Automatic Drug Preparation Device with STVS Technology and Oncocare brand Completion of 2014 Oncocare device validations

Nov 09, 2017


Completion of Oncocare device validations

Nov 09, 2017


Identification of products in SGK SUT and market entry

Nov 09, 2017


Start of Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Set and Consumable Production

Nov 09, 2017


Market leader in Turkiye

Nov 09, 2017


Oncosem ranked 24th among Turkiye's 100 fastest growing companies

Nov 09, 2017


- Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit Production with CRT and CAT brands
- Closed System Waste Management & Sealing Device Production Under Oncowaste & M-Waste Brands

Nov 09, 2017


- Oncosem GmbH Germany establishment
- 50% of the chemotherapy market

Nov 09, 2017


- Establishment of Oncosem UK Limited

Nov 09, 2017


- Production of Oncocare Plus Chemotherapy Drug Preparation & Guidance System

Nov 09, 2017


- Production of IV Extension Sets With Needle-free Injection Valves

Nov 09, 2017

Our Values

Human Oriented

We put “human” at the heart of all our work and determine our priorities accordingly.


We understand the needs of our customers and try to find the most effective solution


We do the right thing for the healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions we work with, and each other.


We care about the innovative ideas of all our employees and support them to benefit the whole.