Oncocare Infusion
Pump MP-60

Oncocare Infusion Pump MP-60


Dimension 202(W) x 74(H) x 133(D)mm
Weight 1.22kg (Including Battery)
Screen 2.4 inch LCD touchscreen, 7 colors selectable

Basic Parameters

Infusion modeRate, Time, Weight, Loading Dose, Trapezia, Sqeuence, Micro, Relay Drip Mode
Infusion rate range0.1-1200.0 ml/h (0.03-400d/min)
Increment0.10-99.99ml (min. increment: 0.01)
100-999.9ml (min. increment 0.1)
1000-9999ml (min. increment 1)
VTBI Range0.10-99.99ml (min. increment: 0.01)
100-999.9ml (min. increment 0.1)
1000-9999ml (min. increment 1)
Accumulate Volume0~9999.99ml
KVO Rate0.1 – 5.0ml/h adjustable, step by 0.01ml/h, default rate: 1ml/h
Bolus Rate0.10-1200ml/h
Purge Rate1200.0ml/h
3 Bolus Ways SelectableAutomatic/Manual/Semi-Auto bolus


Visual & Acoustic AlarmNear Finished, Finished, OCCL, Low Battery, Battery Empty, No Battery, No Power Supply, The Pump Door Open, Air Bubble, No Drip Sensor, No Drips Abnormal, Reminder Alarm, Relay Index Duplicate, Infusion Start Fail, Standby Time Expired

Power Supply

AC Power100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz, power consumption 45 VA
External DC PowerDC 12 V, 1 A
Internal BatteryLithium battery 7.2V, 2600mAh
Battery Duration10 hours @25ml/h with a new battery
Charging Time>5hours @ 25 ml/h for a new battery
WiFi / WiredTo connect central infusion monitoring system, nurse pager, voice communication
Barcode ScanningPatient information input by barcode scanner
Data InterfaceUSB X3, LAN, RS485, Wi-Fi (optional)