Sustainability &
Social Values

Oncosem Environmental Statement

At Oncosem, we prioritize environmental sustainability while operating in the field of oncological systems and health technologies. We aim to contribute to a healthier future by minimizing environmental impacts in our production processes and product usage.

Carbon Reduction Plan

As Oncosem, we are continuously striving to reduce our future environmental impact. In this context, we have set strategic goals to reduce our carbon footprint and are developing innovative and effective solutions to achieve these goals. We commit to investing in renewable energy sources, increasing our energy efficiency, and adopting sustainable business processes. In line with our goal of creating a cleaner and healthier world for future generations, we will continue our efforts to increase our environmental responsibility and continually reduce our carbon emissions.

Modern Slavery

Oncosem, carries out all its works in accordance with human rights and expect same care from its suppliers. Oncosem does not tolerate human rights violations that may occur during its operations. Accordingly, Oncosem will request the following subjects from all its suppliers;

  • Not to employ child labour and to comply with all rules set by the international Labour Organization,
  • To avoid all working practices contrary to human rights including unacceptable treatment such as forced or compulsory labour, unregistered labour, bonded labour, exploitation, corporal punishment, all form of modern slavery and human trafficking,
  • Not to expose their employees to any type of discrimination (race, religion, language, colour, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.)
  • Not to apply or allow mental, physical, sexual or verbal abuse, harsh or insulting disciplinary actions,
  • Not to pay their employees below the minimum wage determined by law and to be a fair,
  • To comply the working hours and employee right with the relevant laws in the country where its operates,
  • Respect their employees’ rights to establish independent unions or to become members of these unions or to be organizing,