Closed System Antineoplastic Drug Preparation Set

Item Code: ODPS029 – 250 ml / ODPS030 – 500 ml / ODPS031 – 1000 ml

It is used for manual or automatic preparation of cytotoxic drugs and subsequent infusion to the patient using an antineoplastic administration set. It is made of medical material compatible with antineoplastic drugs and it is latex and DEHP free. Thanks to its closed system, it prevents the risk of contamination of patients and staff with antineoplastic drugs. With its raw material ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) and its robust structure, it protects the drugs inside from light.

– Compatible with all luerlock connectors and valves.
– Assembled in ISO8 clean room.
– Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
– Shelf life is 5 years.
– It can be stored between 5-40°C.